Designing  Innovative machines
for a Sustainable workplace



On  2018  PnP Discover srl ( PnP)) was born by Alessandro Paterni and Stefano Petri as a start-up, but PnP brings 25 years of know-how  and skill   in designing and manufacturing   Tissue Converting machines / Systems ,   and something more.
Furthermore  PnP  has a solid experience to design, test and  setup electronic systems with a high level of Automation and technology.


We dream, design, implement innovative machinery (  with patented IP), to improve the efficiency of industrial plants, both for productivity than for quality of workplace.


We are inspired  by our work experience and creativity, we consider Industry 4.0 guideline, we exploit the opportunity of modern technology,  Artificial Intelligence, We protect our IP thanks to various patents.


We  believe that the strong competition in the International markets must be faced with innovative solutions , which  have to be able to offer a real added value. At this we are confident to  significantly contribute with our seriousness, skill, flexibility, creativity; above all  a solid passion for our job and without any  fear while looking for new solutions.

We want to offer competitive plus to our customer and to help them to have safer and more comfortable workplaces.



Innovate  to give real advantages to production and to workers.  

Implement today, what others didn’t  even think  about.

Easy to use

We study complex systems and then we transform them in easy to use systems: this is the meeting point between requirement and our skills on industrial machines

Our concept of simplicity must satisfy the best aesthetic standards, PnP considers it a fundamental aspect.


As per organization we like the Open Innovation model, looking for partnerships and flexible relationships.

Efficiency & Social

We like to design solutions  which focus on efficiency:  not only  regarding production volumes and quality but also concerning energy consumptions,  the respect of environment,  safety on  workplace ,  promotion of personnel skills .



Quality control system , rejects discard system , process control system.

T-MAID 4.0

Dust removal system for production lines, advanced process control system.


Open House on T-Maid 4.0

PnP Discover has invited some selected customer to see a running demo of  T-Maid 4.0  working on a converting rewinder in Lucca.
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Pnp Discoverhas launched T-Maid 4.0

An highly  innovative and smart  Dust Removal System, with a completely different concept from other systems in use to date. Actually   T-Maid 4.0   is an industrial  process control system works  with the  Artificial Intelligence: it not only performs Dust  Removal , but it inspects line critical points, allowing to the operator to keep...
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Pnp Discoverhas launched FALCO 4.0

An innovative advanced quality control system on tissue rolls. to be positioned at the end of the Tissue Converting line (after the log saw) and before the packaging lines. PnP FALCO 4.0  uses  the technology of computer vision systems and of Artificial Intelligence to control and identify  defects, to automatically discard rejects. All operations are...
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