Falco 4.0

FALCO 4.0 is an innovative advanced quality control system on tissue rolls. to be positioned at the end of the Tissue Converting line (after the log saw) and before /  inside the packaging lines.

FALCO 4.0 uses the technology of computer vision systems and of Artificial Intelligence to:

  • control and identify product’s non conformities (vs customer product specifications)
  • automatically discard rejects
  • manage a database of no conformities

Note as all the above operations are carried out automatically and without altering the converting line production’s speed.

PnP FALCO 4.0 can work with 1 up to 5 lanes, all of which are  indipendent one by each other.    Each lane can be checked by 1 up to to 4 advanced camera.

thanks to a smart software function, Customers can easily setup correct product specifications, and PnP FALCO 4.0  will automatically intercept items to be rejected.

FALCO 4.0 is able to detect non conformities such as:

tissue product dimensions, core status, ink spots, scratches, open tail seal, roll wrong alignment, improper face cut, trims, film packaging,..

A version ( XC) is dedicated to products after logsaw, while another one ( PK) is dedicated to paclaging lines

FALCO 4.0  is a scalable system:  Computer Vision hardware and Software  can be powered up to the most demanding  users requirements.

A production statistic database can be generated, stored and displayed on the PnP FALCO 4.0   control display.  It’s also possible to store the desired images for a later analysis or cross reference (data mining).

Falco 4.0 can exchange data with the Converting Line control system or the ERp syststem.

FALCO 4.0 works under 2 patents by PnP discover, and it meets the criteria of Industry 4.0.