T-Maid 4.0

T-Maid 4.0

T-Maid 4.0 is an highly  innovative and smart  Dust Removal System, with a completely different concept from other systems in use to date.

Actually  T-Maid 4.0   is an industrial  process control system which is active and  it works  with the  Artificial Intelligence: it not only performs Dust  Removal, but it inspects line critical points, allowing to the operator to keep under control the converting line  without entering into the cabin or stopping the line, thus preventing potential faults.

 PnP T-Maid 4.0   features several important plus:

  • improves production efficiency by reducing lines shutdown
  • prevents faults on motors, sensors, embossing rolls, …
  • prevents tissue web break, due to dust accumulation
  • eliminates fire / explosion risk due to dust
  • leads to a dramatic electrical powder cost saving
  • offers a more comfortable and safe workplace
  • has an ethical and sustainable approach to work: less power consumption, safety on workplace, less pollution.

A version ( /R) is dedicated to tissue tolls products, while another one ( /T)  is dedicated to folded products .

T-Maid 4.0  works under several patents by PnP discover, and it meets  the criteria of Industry 4.0.